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Budget Switzerland Rental Terms for travel between 01-Dec-2015 and 31-Dec-2024

All values stated are INCLUSIVE of TAX (VAT) and subject to change
These Terms and Conditions apply to the general rate rules for Budget retail rates.
Policy items (e.g. ‘age’ policy) are subject to change and may vary slightly depending on location. Budget cannot be held responsible for discrepancies against the generic information provided here. Kindly refer to the Policy pages in the GDS at time of booking for location-specific policies
The only variable elements for inclusive vs. exclusive retail rates are CDW and TP.
All mandatory charges e.g.: airport surcharge, VAT and RFR (VLF) are included in all rates (inclusive and exclusive)
Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) If an INCLUSIVE rate, CDW is included in the rate
If an EXCLUSIVE rate, CDW is excluded from the rate; please refer to the table below for charge details
  Car Group Cost per day Excess
(if CDW included in rate or purchased)
  A                                24.00 2000.00        
  B  24.00 2000.00        
  C  24.00                      2500.00        
  D  27.00 2500.00        
  E                               24.00                     2000.00   (All costs are quoted in CHF and include tax)    
  F                               27.00                      2500.00        
  G                              32.00                      2500.00        
  H                              37.00                      3500.00        
  I                                37.00                      3500.00        
  J                            37.00                      3500.00        
  K                            24.00                      2000.00        
  L                              27.00                      2500.00        
  M                          32.00                      2500.00        
  N                            32.00                      3500.00        
  O                             32.00                      3500.00        
  P                          37.00                      3500.00        
Excess charge in case of damage If an inclusive rate or CDW is purchased the excess charge detailed in the above table will apply
If an EXCLUSIVE rate (and CDW is not purchased), the excess charge payable will be the full value of the vehicle
Theft Protection (TP) If an INCLUSIVE rate, TP is included in the rate
If an EXCLUSIVE rate, TP is excluded from the rate; please refer to the table below for charge details
  Car Group Cost per day Excess
(if TP included in rate or purchased)
  A                              10.00                      2000.00        
  B                             10.00                      2000.00        
  C                              10.00                      2500.00        
  D                             12.00                      2500.00        
  E                               10.00                      2000.00        
  F                               12.00                      2500.00   (All costs are quoted in CHF and include tax)    
  G 16.00                    2500.00        
  H 21.00                      3500.00        
  I                                21.00                      3500.00        
  J                             21.00                      3500.00        
  K                             10.00                      2000.00        
  L                             12.00                      2500.00        
  M                            16.00                      2500.00        
  N                             16.00                      3500.00        
  O                             16.00                      3500.00        
  P                              21.00                      3500.00        
Excess charge in case of theft If an inclusive rate or TP is purchased the excess charge detailed in the above table will apply
If an EXCLUSIVE rate (and TP is not purchased), the excess charge payable will be the full value of the vehicle
Super Collision Damage Waiver (Super CDW)

(In case of damage, the driver can reduce the excess charge by purchasing Super CDW)

Please refer to adjacent table for costs and reduced excess value
  Car Group Cost per day Excess
(if SCDW included in rate or purchased)
  A                            25.00                      0.00        
  B                             25.00                      0.00        
  C                              32.00                      0.00        
  D                              32.00                      0.00        
  E                             25.00                      0.00     (All costs are quoted in CHF and include tax)  
  F                               32.00                      0.00        
  G                            32.00                      0.00        
  H                            39.00                      0.00        
  I                              39.00                      0.00        
  J                               39.00                      0.00        
  K                            25.00                      0.00        
  L                              32.00                      0.00        
  M                           32.00                      0.00        
  N                              29.00                      0.00        
  O                             29.00                      0.00        
  P                              29.00                      0.00        
  Included in rate Excluded from rate Cost per day Cost per rental Percentage of rental
Personal Insurance (PAI) The maximum coverage in case of disability (per person) is CHF 477,000.00
The maximum coverage in case of death (per person) is CHF 477,000.00
No Yes 7.74 CHF    
Third Party Liability unlimited?   No, Max;  Third party liability is included in the rental price.
The maximum coverage in case of damage to property is CHF 100 million
The maximum coverage in case of personal injury is CHF 100 million
The maximum coverage in case of death is CHF 100 million
Deposit Requirements  Credit Card Only We will take a deposit to cover any costs in case of damage or theft. Please refer to the Waiver and Protection Options section for further information on driver liability.

Payment by cash is not accepted.

A credit card in the name of the main driver must be produced at the time of rental.
Please note that the credit card in the reservation needs to be presented at the counter.

All car groups But H,I,J,P - One of the options:
• one Visa / Master / Amex / Diners Card/ Discover
• one Budget Charge Card (name related and authorised representative Card)
• one Budget Full Credit Voucher / OTTO
• one Budget down-payment Voucher + one Credit card
• Assistance fixed value-voucher + one Credit card
• Cession via Budget-intermediary

One of the options for car groups H,I,J,P:
• two Credit Cards
• one Mastercard Platinum (e.g. LH HON Circle Creditcard) / World Elite / Porsche Card S
• one Amex Gold/ Platinum / Centurion
• one Visa Platinum / Infinity
• one Budget Charge Card (personal cards)
• one Budget Full Credit Voucher / OTTO
• one Budget down-payment Voucher + two credit cards
• one Net-Rate Voucher + one credit card
• Assistance fixed value-voucher + one credit card
• Cession via Budget-intermediary
Minimum Renting Age You must be at least 19 years old to rent at this location.
You must be 19 years of age to rent car group A.
Minimum age 21 years for all other car groups but, you must be 25 years of age to rent car groups H, J, P and I.

Young driver surcharge: All drivers age 19-24 (inclusive) will incur a fee of 23.34 SFR per day, maximum charge of 233.40 SFR

If you have a corporate or contracted agreement with us the requirements may be different. Please check your contracted terms and conditions.
Maximum Renting Age The maximum renting age at this location is 99 years.
Driving Licence Restrictions Each driver must show photographic proof of identity at the start of the rental. All drivers must present a full and current driving licence which has been held for at least 6 months. The licence must be valid for use in the renting country.
If your licence was issued outside the European Community you must provide an International Driving Licence.

  • Airport Service Charge: A fee of 20% of the total rental amount (excluding taxes and damage excess charges).  This charge is mandatory and will be added to the total quote but it is not loaded as part of the base rate.
  • RRF/VRF (Road Fund Fee or Vehicle Licence Fee). 
  • Eco Taxes. 
  • Fuel Charges (per litre): Vehicles are supplier with a full tank of fuel at the start of the rental. To avoid refuelling charges please return the car with a full tank of fuel. If the fuel tank is not full we will fill the tank and charge you for the fuel. Fuel is charged at market price plus tax. A refuellin service charge of CHF 25.00 applies. 
  • Mileage/Kilometre restrictions: Unlimited mileage is included in the rate - no restrictions apply. 

  • Additional Driver available at CHF16.80 per day or CHF168.00 per rental. 
  • Additional Driver - Spouse available at CHF16.80 per day or CHF168.00 per rental. 
  • Additional young driver available at CHF23.34 per day or CHF233.40 per rental. 
  • Baby seat for children age less than 12 months old is available at CHF78.00 per rental. 
  • Child seat for children age 1-4 years old is available at CHF78.00 per rental. 
  • Child booster seat for children 5-12 years old is available at CHF52.00 per rental. 
  • Snow Chains is available at CHF30.00 per rental. 
  • Winter Tyres: From 15 November to 31st March all passenger cars are equipped with winter suitable available at a cost of CHF11.62 per rental. Any cost associated with that will automatically be incorporated into the retail rate levels during that period. Outside those dates winter tyres are available at a cost of CHF9.68 per day. 
  • Wi-Fi: Available at the following airport stations: Geneva, Zurich, Basel at cost of CHF15.00 per day. 
  • GPS will be available at a cost of CHF28.70 per day or CHF288.00 per rental. 
  • RSN (Roadside Assistance Plus) will be available at a cost of CHF7.20 per day or CHF72.00 per rental. 
  • Ski Racks will be available at a cost of CHF69.60 per day. 


The driver must present proof of identity when collecting the vehicle. 
If you are delayed and arrive outside of office hours (i.e. due to a delayed flight) a charge will apply.
If you are late and have entered your flight number when booking we will guarantee your rental for 30 minutes after landing. After this time your reserved car may be released and rented to another customer.
It may be possible to collect the vehicle out of office hours. This must be requested at the time of booking. The charge for this service is: up to 30 minutes after opening hours =CHF 30.00  / more than 30 minutes after opening hours = CHF 50.00 . This service is not available if the rental is booked online.
We need the following information when you make your booking. 
Flight number
Contact telephone number
Credit card details
If the vehicle is returned outside of office hours the driver is liable for damage or theft until the car has been inspected by a member of Budget staff.
You may return the vehicle out of hours if you request this at the time of booking.  There is no charge for this service.
Instructions to return your vehicle outside of office hours:
Please do park the vehicle on one of the marked Budget (Avis) parking spaces – don't forget to lock the car!
Then note the mileage reading and date and time of the return on the rental agreement and put it into the key drop box together with the car key. 

Domestic: Free of charge between Zurich and Geneva. 

Please Note: 

People with a registered residence in the European Union are not allowed to take a Swiss rental car from Switzerland to a neighbouring country (exception: returning to their home address on a direct way).

This applies to residents from the following countries:
Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Rumania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and United Kingdom.

You are liable for any penalties and associated charges by the supplier (including potential void of contract) if this rule is broken. 
Please be aware that upon collection of the rental vehicle you will be asked to sign a disclaimer as outlined below:
Dear Customers,
Due to the revision of the EU Customs Codex, cross-border travels of EU-residents with Swiss rental vehicles will be subject to certain restrictions as of May1st 2016.
We therefore kindly ask you to answer following questions truthfully in order to help us to provide you with the appropriate vehicle to enable you to realize your intended use of car.
Are you EU resident?       YES__  NO__
Do you intend to travel cross border into the EU with the car? YES__  NO__

Confirmation of customer
I am aware, that being an EU resident I may use a rental car with Swiss license plate only within Switzerland or take it one-way to and return it in my country of residence in the EU. Any other cross-border usage of the vehicle with return to Switzerland or one-way rentals to any other EU-countries than my country of residence are not permitted and constitute a breach of customs law and tax law and may entail both criminal consequences and civil liability. I have been notified that in case of any infringement of the aforementioned obligation I will be held liable for all damages and losses resulting from my breach of duty, in particular but not limited to customs and taxes payable.

_____________________________  _____________________________
Date                                                     Signature of customer

Terms of booking on this website

Information disclaimer
The rates on this website are often heavily discounted. This is due to our negotiated rates and bulk buying power. On very rare occasions, a rate may be displayed incorrectly due to our, or a vehicle supplier's error. In such a case, if you book with us at a quoted rate that is incorrect, we will notify you of any price change and give you the option to proceed or cancel. We make every effort to keep information on our site up to date, but we cannot guarantee this website is free of errors or omissions and retain the right to update or change the information published at any time.

To the extent permitted by law we/the owners of this website will not be liable to you or to any third party (whether in contract, tort, or otherwise) for any direct, indirect or consequential loss or damage (including but not limited to any accident, injury, delay or loss of enjoyment) arising out of your reliance upon information contained on this website, including but not limited to your use (or inability to use) any products or services described or procured through this website.

When you pick up your vehicle, you will be required to sign a rental agreement with the supplier of the vehicle. Your rental and use of the vehicle will be governed by the terms of the rental agreement and any other documentation or information provided to you by the supplier at the time you pick up your vehicle. The rental agreement is between you and the supplier and we will not be liable to you or to any third party in relation to the terms of the supplier's rental agreement or any other documentation provided to you by the supplier at the time of pick up.

While we will make reasonable efforts to ensure we are representing only reputable suppliers, we make no warranty about the fitness or suitability of any third party (supplier) product or service and will not accept responsibility for the quality or fitness of any vehicle. We welcome feedback from our customers on their experience with our suppliers. We may, at our discretion, provide you with reasonable assistance in resolving any dispute you may have with a supplier.

Our total liability to you in relation to your use of this website and the information contained on this website will not exceed the dollar amount of the deposit we have received from you in relation to your booking/rental. Refunds will not be made for bookings cancelled due to inclement weather. Again, we strongly recommend that you take out travel insurance. Your use of this website is governed by the laws of New Zealand and the jurisdiction of the New Zealand courts.

Booking information
To make a booking you must complete our booking form which is easy to follow and secured with the latest encryption technology. Once we receive your form, we will, subject to availability, confirm your booking by emailing you a confirmation voucher and invoice.

If you are booking via phone, please make sure you have read the terms and conditions of the vehicle you wish to rent first. Our reservations consultant will ask you if you have read the terms and agree to them before proceeding. The onus is always on the renter to ensure they make themselves fully aware of the terms displayed on our website.

Information disclosure
In booking on this website you acknowledge that we disclose your information to your selected Supplier in order to provide the requested rental services.

Vehicle capacity and fitness to drive
Under no circumstances are you permitted to carry more passengers than the vehicle you rent is legally registered to carry, and if you do your insurance may be invalidated. The number of seatbelts (and passengers) is indicated next to each vehicle on this website. Luggage capacity where shown is an indication only and we will not be responsible should you be unable to fit your entire luggage into a vehicle. It is your responsibility to choose a journey that is within your capabilities. A vehicle supplier can refuse to rent a vehicle to any person who is in their opinion unfit to drive or does not meet eligibility requirements. In such circumstances we will have no further liability to you.

Refund Policy
In the event of cancellation, any deposit amounts paid at the time of booking are non-refundable. 

If you are unsatisfied with our service, please contact us within 48 hours of placing your booking or request and we will work to resolve any issues and determine if compensation is due. In the event you have completed your rental and are unhappy with your vehicle, we are happy to assist you in seeking compensation from the operator of the vehicle.

This website is owned and operated by Online Republic Group Limited. Our financial centre and marketing office is based at Level 5, 12 Madden Street, Wynyard Quarter, Auckland, New Zealand. In Australia, we are based at 2/509 St Kilda Rd, Melbourne VIC 3004. Thank you for booking with us.

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